About Us

NextFleet is a fleet management and mobility solutions company wholly-owned by Mitsubishi Corporation and based in Australia.

Fleet Management and Mobility Solutions

NextFleet is a fleet management and mobility solutions provider based in Australia, with offices in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. We have a national dealership network and a 24/7 driver support service covering all regions of Australia. NextFleet is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Mitsubishi Corporation, globally, the Group has managed fleets for over 40 years.

Just over half of the businesses in Australia operate a corporate fleet using a Fleet Management Organisation (FMO). Our role is to help our clients better utilise their fleets. We help our clients determine what solutions are most suitable for their fleets, big or small, and we provide an outsourced support function across all aspects of the fleet lifecycle, from asset acquisition, to finance, fleet management services and disposal.

The adaptability to society’s needs is more important than ever. We are seizing opportunities driven by digitisation and the CASE (Connected, Autonomous, Shared/Service and Electric) evolution, strengthening businesses anchored on Mitsubishi Corporation’s long-developed functions at the local level and spearheading solutions in the mobility services sector related to passenger and cargo transportation.

Who We Are

NextFleet is redefining the mobility and fleet management industry by developing and implementing pioneering solutions for Australian businesses to optimise the running of their fleets and for individuals to take advantage of novated lease options. Our team of experts with a broad range of industry experience provide clients and their employees with a full suite of tailored and comprehensive fleet management solutions; from purchasing and building out assets that are fit for purpose, to managing fleet maintenance recommendations on fleet optimisation, to reducing client’s asset risk position, improving uptime and managing down fleet expenditure.

We are asset and manufacturer agnostic, providing funding for all road-registered asset types, including passenger vehicles, light commercial vehicles, and specialised assets including heavy commercial and plant & equipment.

We provide clients with the resources and expertise to effectively manage their fleet, allowing them to focus on and continue to grow their core business with confidence.

Why Choose NextFleet?

We are aiming to transform the fleet management landscape by leveraging next-generation technology coupled with unparalleled service and sustainable practices.

Our team of experts have in-depth, deep domain industry knowledge.
  • We are Fleet Managers, not only Fleet Administrators – with proven, demonstrated experience.
  • Our tailored fleet solutions benefit organisations to realise cost savings, increased efficiency and improved safety across a fleet.
  • We will strategically manage your fleet, driving a continuous improvement plan.
  • Our Telematics systems provide you with the visibility, actionable insights that lead to increased utilisation, and improved driver behaviour.
  • We offer a client-focused fleet management service throughout the life of a contract.
  • We have in-house experts and provide options for all road-registered asset types, from passenger vehicles through to specialised heavy commercial assets, and plant and equipment.

Commercial Vehicle Expertise

Our specialist Commercial vehicle team focuses on commercial fleets day in and day out. Our unique Commercial Vehicle value proposition covers the end-to-end lifecycle of commercial vehicles, from specification development, through to build management, routine maintenance, fleet audit, repairer accreditation and management, and liaison with drivers.

Deep Domain Expertise

Our in-house team of fleet consultant’s expertise and commercial acumen spans across every industry sector, including not-for-profit, public and private sector, small and large organisations and government.

Our Vision

Transforming the fleet management landscape through next-generation technology coupled with unparalleled service and sustainable practices.

Our Expertise

With over 40 years of expertise across the Group, our in-house team of experts deploy industry best practice across the entire fleet lifecycle, covering procurement, maintenance, funding, and the effective management of the supplier network. Throughout the life of the lease, we work with our clients to mitigate and eradicate end of lease costs.

Our Promise

We work with our clients to ensure their assets are utilised as effectively and efficiently as possible. We ensure all risks associated with safety and compliance are managed and mitigated, and our team of experts are always on hand ready to help our clients.

Contact NextFleet Australia for NextLevel solutions, expertise and partnership.

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