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At NextFleet, our team’s expertise and passion for fleet management drive our success.

We deliver effective solutions quickly through a collaborative approach, solving complex challenges and managing diverse assets, including passenger and commercial vehicles, as well as plant and equipment, across various industries. Our focus on cost reduction spans procurement, maintenance, supplier networks, and risk management.

Our commitment to continuous professional development ensures excellence in conflict handling, ethical negotiation, workplace safety, and risk management. Our comprehensive capabilities ensure that our clients benefit from our knowledge, integrity, and innovative approach, supported by industry-leading technologies.

Xiaohang Dong - Managing Director and Board Member

Dong brings over a decade of expertise in distinguished roles at Mitsubishi Corporation and Bridgestone, where he led innovative initiatives in Electric Vehicle (EV) fleet management, leaving a significant impact on the used car and maintenance sectors. His leadership is marked by a diverse skill set spanning retail, marketing, and corporate strategy. Dong is focused on using his experiences to shape the future of the fleet management industry.

Giulio Persichilli - General Manager - Sales & Client Relationships

Giulio leads a team of Sales and Client Relations professionals at NextFleet and is responsible for the strategic direction of service delivery centred around the client. For over twenty years, Giulio has been directly involved in the fleet management and leasing industry in several key roles, including client relationships, strategic sales, six sigma quality, and operations. He is passionate about continuously improving the client experience and assisting them in driving efficiency and costing out through innovation and strategic advice.

Yuji Kaneko - Strategic Planning & Sales Manager

Yuji boasts extensive experience in automotive projects, market analysis, business planning, and strategic development. With a proven track record in new car leasing products and expanding new business ventures in the used car/after-sales sector across diverse markets, his expertise centres on understanding market demand and devising innovative business strategies. Yuji's passion for advancing market share in fleet management and supporting Australian-based Japanese companies makes him a pivotal asset in achieving NextFleet Australia's objectives.

Sales Team

Sevil Perry - Sales & Client Relationships Manager

Sevil is passionately dedicated to providing innovative solutions, exceptional service, and the core values of relationship management. With over 25 years of experience in Sales and Account Management, she excels at understanding and prioritising her customers' key requirements. Sevil's expertise ensures that client needs are met with the highest level of professionalism and care, fostering strong and lasting relationships.

Neil Moodley - Client Relationship Manager

An experienced Client Relationship Manager within a well-established and mature industry, with two decades of experience in advancing mobility solutions. Worked with some of Australia’s and the world’s most well-known corporations. Skilled in tool of trade vehicle management, telematics solutions, business-to-business (B2B) relationships, novated leasing, operational processes, vehicle purchasing, and account management.

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