Funding, Managing, and Supporting Your Fleet from Beginning to End

The world of fleet management is fast-paced. At NextFleet, we're helping to accelerate that change for fleets of all sizes with targeted and unique solutions that address costs, inefficiencies, and driver safety.

Outsourcing Your Fleet

See how you can benefit from outsourcing the management of your fleet, without losing control of what matters most to you.

Global Strength, Local Expertise

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Mitsubishi Corporation, we couple global strength with local expertise.

Finance Options For Your Fleet

Financing your fleet can help enable your business to grow by freeing up capital that could be utilised elsewhere, eliminating unexpected costs, and avoiding depreciation.

Fleet Management Organisation (FMO) Capabilities

Does your FMO have the skills, expertise and right level of commitment to you? Are you unsure if you’re getting value out of your FMO?

Lease or Buy Assessment

There’s a wide range of benefits that make leasing a sensible choice. We have at least eight compelling reasons why you should lease your fleet. Try our lease versus buy assessment to see what savings you can make by leasing your fleet.

Service Locator

If you’re looking to find the most convenient location to get your NextFleet vehicle serviced, tyres replaced, windscreen repaired or fill up on fuel, please use our service locator.

NextFleet came to us and showed us the benefits of leveraging an outsourced function for fleet management. We run forklifts, trailers and light commercial vehicles, and they’re a critical part of what we do. We’d never leased or outsourced the management of our vehicles before; we didn’t know that was an option. So when NextFleet demonstrated that it was more cost-effective and resource-efficient to lease our vehicles rather than buy them, we were pleasantly surprised. NextFleet is a great partner, and they really understand our business.

Norman Rhodes
General Manager, TRHC PTY LTD

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