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NextFleet Australia offers exciting new fleet management solutions for businesses of any size with any number of vehicles – no fleet is too big or small.

NextFleet Australia is different and better because we use breakthrough technology to improve vehicle and driver efficiency, allowing you to focus on what matters most – your business.

We’re here to provide businesses with NextLevel service, expertise and partnership in fleet management solutions that can benefit you in a number of ways.

Local knowledge, global strength

We’re a locally based business that understands local business needs. We’re a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Corporation, and that means financial and operational advantages for your business.

Existing fleet or new fleet

Maybe you already have a vehicle you own. Perhaps you want or need more vehicles, or even a whole fleet of them. NextFleet can tailor a solution for you.

Enjoy personalised service

Because we’re local we work hard to know you, your business and what matters. NextFleet service is personal and dedicated to getting you the best vehicle solutions and deals.

Discover what NextFleet Australia has to offer your business and see how we can tailor a fleet management solution for you.

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If you’re still wondering whether fleet management is right for your business, regardless of its size, you’ll be surprised how easy and cost effective fleet management can be. Call NextFleet Australia today to find out more.

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