Not-For-Profit Fleets

We understand the unique requirements of a not-for-profit organisation and will do a lot more for you than finance your fleet. We support a broad range of assets, including purpose-built vehicles which require a specialised build or fit-out.

Leasing Solutions

We appreciate the value that Not-For-Profits bring to our community. As part of our commitment to you, we will do more than finance your fleet.

NextFleet can offer you a comprehensive range of fleet financing solutions with flexible lease terms which can be tailored to meet your individual requirements.

We can support you with the management and financing of assets that require a specialised build or mobility aid fit-outs.

Our solutions for Not-For-Profits are tailored for the sector to ensure you achieve value for money, ease of implementation and the right level of client support.

Fleet Management Services

Whether you own or lease your fleet or have a combination of both, our fleet management services are tailored to your needs.

Our management and consulting services are designed to mitigate risk, manage and reduce cost, and remove the administrative burden. We offer a complete service that extends beyond the traditional fleet management services.

Choose from the full suite of services or those that you require. It’s your choice our expertise. We will support you across the entire lifecycle of your fleet with a commitment to lower your whole of life cost.

Your Legal Obligations

Do you know your legal obligations and what the risks are when it comes to your employees using a vehicle for work purposes? A motor vehicle is considered a part of the workplace. Employers have a moral or legal obligation to ensure the safety and well-being of others. Do you?

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