Considering a Fleet Management Organisation?

Never used a Fleet Management Organisation (FMO) Before? Outsourcing your fleet management doesn’t mean you will lose control over your fleet. Outsourcing will provide you with considerable cost and time savings as we become an extension of your business. We will help you to ensure you get maximum utilisation across your assets, and most importantly, the safety and compliance of your drivers and fleet, giving you the peace of mind to get on with your business.

Not sure whether to lease or buy? Let us help you make an educated decision with our lease versus buy assessment.

The Benefits of Outsourcing the Management of Your Fleet

Your business can gain significant value from using an outsourced method of support with the management of your fleet. Mindset is often a barrier for those not using an FMO; whether they’ve not considered using one before, are of the assumption it’s too expensive, have a small fleet, or had a previously poor experience. We genuinely believe that your business can gain significant value from using an outsourced method of support with the management of your fleet. How? Well for one, having access to an in-house team of experts taking care of the day-to-day activities, keeping your fleet safe and compliant will give you the peace of mind you need to continue with your core business.

The Role of a Fleet Management Organisation (FMO)

The role of an FMO is to help you better utilise your fleet, enabling you to achieve considerable cost and time savings and run a safe and compliant fleet. We support you across each element of the fleet lifecycle from the procuring of your assets, to managing them in life, to selling them and providing replacements at the end of the lease, how much or less of a solution you choose is tailored to what suits your business.

Should I Lease or Should I Buy?

One question we’re often asked is should I lease or should I buy? There’s a wide range of benefits that make leasing a sensible choice; we have at least eight compelling reasons for you to choose leasing over buying, including 1. There’s no capital outlay, 2. It allows for cash flow and budget forecasting predictability, 3. Flexibility with operating lease terms, 4. No resale risk to you, 5. Competitive vehicle purchase costs, 6., No maintenance risk to you, 7. Hassle-free as we manage all running costs, and 8. On-going access to our in-house fleet experts. Watch our lease versus buy video to see how the cost-savings are real!

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Business Case Builder

Still unsure if outsourcing your fleet is right for your business? We’ve put together a handy business case builder tool that helps you think through the details of outsourcing your fleet and the key elements that will help your business. Our business case builder enables you to start the conversation internally and to generate buy-in from stakeholders. Start the business case builder tool here.

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