Changing Fleet Management Organisation (FMO)

Managing a fleet is a full-time job. Your Fleet Management Organisation (FMO) should be a valuable partner to your business, understanding your needs and applying valuable recommendations to keep your drivers safe, your fleet running efficiently and smoothly, and ultimately saving you money by driving your fleet costs down.

Checklist for Changing your Fleet Management Organisation

One of the biggest barriers to changing FMO’s is the perceived hassle to switch providers. We’ve created a simple checklist to help you understand what’s involved and, that it’s much simpler to switch then you think.

Assessing Your Fleet Management Organisation Capabilities

Does your FMO have the skills, expertise and right level of commitment to you? Are you unsure if you’re getting value out of your FMO? There are several ways that you can determine the tangible and intangible value. To help you decide whether you’re getting value out of your FMO, we’ve put together some critical questions to help guide you in whether it’s time to move on or not.

How to switch FMO – Third-Party Payments

If you’re considering switching FMOs, utilising our third-party payments solution could be an excellent option to keep your business moving. A third-party payment means we take over the monthly rental payments of your fleet to enable a seamless transition to your new FMO, NextFleet. If you’d like to know more, please get in touch.

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Financing Your Fleet

Financing your fleet can help enable your business to grow by freeing up capital that could be utilized elsewhere, eliminating unexpected costs, and avoiding depreciation. We can add significant value by helping you to utilize your fleet cost efficiently and effectively, one of the key ways you can save money and improve productivity is to consider leasing your fleet. There’s a wide range of benefits that make leasing a sensible choice.

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About NextFleet

NextFleet is a fleet management and mobility solutions company based in Brisbane, Australia, and a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Mitsubishi Corporation. Globally, the group has managed fleets for over 40 years.

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