Funding Options for Your Fleet

Financing your fleet can help enable your business to grow by freeing up capital that could be utilised elsewhere, eliminating unexpected costs, and avoiding depreciation.

Vehicles, Plant and Equipment, can be one of the most significant capital expenditure a business can make. Using valuable capital for depreciating assets may limit your business from achieving its goals. Financing your fleet can help set your business up for success by freeing up capital that could be utilised elsewhere in revenue-generating activities, helping your business grow. We can add significant value by helping you to finance your fleet cost-efficiently and effectively. There is a wide range of benefits that make leasing a sensible choice.

Finance Options

Operating Lease

With an operating lease, you rent your vehicles and assets from us on a fixed-term and kilometre agreement included in a single monthly rental. Your operating lease can be fully-maintained by us where we manage and guarantee all operational aspects of the asset or non-maintained where you pay actual operating expenses as you go. An operating lease is an excellent option for those who don’t want to tie up large amounts of capital, and it also allows for ease of budgeting operating expenses. At the end of the lease, you return the vehicle and exchange it for a new one. Explore fully-maintained and non-maintained operating lease options.

Operating Lease Options

Finance Lease

A finance lease enables you to lease a vehicle, plant or equipment with no significant upfront capital outlay. The lease payment terms are flexible to match your cash flow requirements within ATO guidelines. You have a range of options at the end of the lease as to whether you pay out the predetermined residual value and own the asset, extend the lease by refinancing the residual value, upgrade to a new one. 

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Sale and Leaseback

If you own your fleet, we can buy it off you giving your business an immediate capital injection, freeing up your cash to use on other areas of your business. We provide you with a tailored operating lease solution that optimises the financial return to your business. The ownership and residual value risk are passed on to NextFleet, which means your depreciation costs are capped, and you are shielded from resale risk when you’re finished with the asset.

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Commercial Hire Purchase (CHP)

Another finance solution for your fleet is a Commercial Hire Purchase (CHP); this is where you hire the vehicle or assets from a lender for a fixed term with monthly repayments tailored to your budget. The lender owns the asset during the term of the agreement, and the ownership transfers to you at the end of the term. You also have the option to purchase the asset at any point.

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Novated Lease

For employees, a highly popular remuneration benefit and effective form of car finance is a Novated Lease. Employees can bundle their vehicle finance and running costs into one monthly deduction via their employer’s payroll, achieving significant tax savings for most pay-as-you-go employees.

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