Changing FMO Checklist

Find out what you need to consider if you’re making the switch.

What are the things that you need to consider when switching to a new Fleet Management Organisation (FMO)? Changing FMO isn’t as hard and disruptive to your business as you may think. Find out what you need to consider if you’re making the switch.

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1. Decide on a new FMO

Most FMO’s can provide third-party payments to your existing FMO to ensure a seamless transition; this works by your new FMO taking on your monthly payments immediately.

2. Master Lease Agreement

Sign a master lease agreement with your new FMO, which, your new FMO will compile for you

3. Fleet Management Services Agreement

Choose what fleet management services you’d like to include, and that will be consolidated into your fleet services agreement.

4. Detailed Fleet Listing

Your current FMO should be able to provide you with a detailed listing of your fleet, which your new FMO will take over and manage.

5. Fuel Cards

Once your new FMO has provided your fleet listing, we then take over the management and payment of your fuel cards. In addition, they will track vehicle km for over, or under-utilisation against your term agreement to ensure your vehicle is properly utilised, and excess km aren’t charged back to you.

6. Commit to Moving Your Fleet

At the end of each vehicle lease, the vehicle is handed back to your existing FMO, and a new one is set up with your new FMO.

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