Benefits of Outsourcing Your Fleet

Your business can gain significant value from using an outsourced method of support with the management of your fleet. By using a Fleet Management Organisation (FMO), you can gain considerable cost and time savings. Save money and improve productivity by outsourcing your fleet. 

Whether you have an operating lease, or are leveraging fleet management services with an FMO the benefits of outsourcing the management of some or all of your fleet are considerable. Mindset is often a barrier for those not using an FMO; whether they’ve not considered using one before, are of the assumption it’s too expensive, have a small fleet, or had a previously poor experience. We genuinely believe that your business can gain significant value from using an outsourced method of support with the management of your fleet. How? Well for one, having access to an in-house team of experts taking care of the day to day activities, keeping your fleet safe and compliant will give you the peace of mind you need to continue with your core business.

Outsourcing your fleet to a Fleet Management Organisation, like NextFleet, will ensure the proper utilisation of your assets, compliance and safety across your fleet, and considerable cost and time savings. We support you across each element of the fleet lifecycle from the procuring of assets, to managing them in life, to selling them and providing replacements at the end of the lease, how much or less of a solution you choose is tailored to what suits your business.

Support Across the Entire Fleet Lifecycle

We support you across the entire lifecycle of your fleet, from the purchase of your assets, to monthly leasing arrangements, vehicle compliance and safety, maintenance and repairs, fuel management, toll management, registration and CTP, infringement management, comprehensive insurance, roadside assistance, telematics, fleet reporting, and disposal of the assets.

Tax Efficient

Lease rentals are generally 100% tax-deductible for most businesses.

No Residual Value Risk

NextFleet retains ownership of the vehicle which means we carry the residual risk at the end of the lease term.


Options to extend, purchase or hand the vehicle back at lease end, you choose what works best for your business.

No Capital Outlay

Utilise vital assets without the ownership burden. Financing your fleet frees up critical capital that can be re-invested back into your business. Release cash from existing assets and use elsewhere in the business.

Cashflow and Budgeting Predictability

An outsourced fleet leasing solution enables structured cashflow through a fixed monthly agreement.

Cost Savings Across Your Fleet

A lower whole of life cost through our strategic fleet expertise provides you cost savings.

Lease Term Flexibility

Flexibility in the length of your lease term, between 12 – 60 months for passenger vehicles, and up to 72 months for light commercial vehicles.

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