Telematics is a complete solution for tracking your assets, including passenger and light commercial vehicles, trucks, plant & equipment.

With the advent of mobility-based technology solutions that are simple to use and understand, you can leverage a Telematics System to improve the tracking and utilisation of your fleet better. Telematics is a complete solution for tracking your assets, including passenger and light commercial vehicles, trucks, and plant and equipment. Telematics allows for the collection of real-time vehicle data enabling you to make data-driven decisions that can improve the utilisation of your vehicles, visualise your activities and costs, improve the safety of your drivers and compliance of your vehicles, allowing you to focus on what’s most important.

Who Can Telematics Benefit? 

Telematics can be of benefit to any business, whether a delivery business, a business that has several client meetings a week, or workers with company cars. A Telematics platform can support a wide variety of applications. 

Easy Installation

The process of installing telematics is efficient and straightforward. A small hardware device that is GPS enabled is installed into each vehicle, truck, and plant and equipment. We understand you need to keep your fleet moving, so we offer you multiple options for installation. We can come to you; you can come to us, or we can meet somewhere that is suitable for us both – we have a network of qualified installers across the country.

What Does It Track?

Telematics tracks each vehicle or asset individually in real-time providing rich data at your fingertips. Whether you have one or 100+ assets, you can keep tabs on your entire fleet! You can track anything from driver safety and behaviour such as speeding alerts, harsh acceleration and braking, crash and incident reporting, to vehicle security, including stolen vehicle tracking, tow detection, to operational control and productivity such as odometer distance reports, engine hours, business usage and utilisation reports, to inputs, outputs and sensors.

Rich Business Intelligence

Telematics provides you with rich data that can be linked with other key business intelligence such as sales, operations and administration data. With a 360 view of your business, you can achieve productivity improvements and cost reductions from efficient route mapping, enriching your connection with your customers and eliminating waste from your fleet operation.


Telematics is an affordable solution for your fleet, especially when you consider the plethora of benefits it will bring to your business. Costs are included within your monthly lease rental, including installation of the device.

Tailored Solution

If you’d like to have a Telematics solution tailored to you, please get in touch.

Features & Benefits

Online Reporting

Access our online portal anytime, anywhere 365 days a week 24/7. The portal provides real-time tracking of all your assets. You can select multiple user views across departments, have unlimited access to a full reporting suite, driver scorecard analysis, the full history of all trips made by your assets, geofencing exception reporting, vehicle health, and route optimisation.

Cost Savings

Telematics can help you generate cost savings by reducing your tax liability and operating costs (such as fuel, maintenance, insurance, etc.) and enable you to do more with fewer vehicles. Poor driver behaviour can lead to significant increases in your fleet costs. Telematics can save you on fuel costs as it analyses idling times versus driving time. Accidents and vehicle damage can be mitigated through correcting driver behaviour such as harsh braking, speeding, bad behaviour in general. You can also save on insurance premiums by preventing accidents. And, you can better utilise your fleet by understanding how many vehicles you need to meet business demand.


By monitoring how long a driver may have been behind the wheel, you can reduce the risk of accidents from driver fatigue, a significant contributor to road trauma, by setting up audible alerts for speed and fatigue management. Prevent accidents and keep your drivers safe by monitoring and improving driver behaviour. You can track whether or not a seatbelt is engaged and the time your drivers are spending on the road, setting up notifications to ensure they have frequent breaks. Analyse locations of near-miss accidents through harsh acceleration and deceleration trips replayed. You can also monitor their behaviour and look for improvements over time. Helpful reports include how frequently they speed, harsh braking, harsh accelerating, swerving, and overall safety driving score in comparison to safe driving versus dangerous driving.

Increase In Revenue

Utilise your vehicles to increase your revenue potential. You can do this by optimising routes for deliveries in a day, and matching capacity to demand, increasing client satisfaction, going to multiple meetings, reviewing your employees’ sales activity and visualising their client visit frequency.

Vehicle Utilisation

Underutilised vehicles are costing you money – maximising vehicle utilisation increases your revenue potential. Telematics enables you to identify which vehicles are being under and over utilised so you and your FMO can put the right practices in place to ensure proper utilisation.


As your assets are being tracked in real-time, you’ll always know their whereabouts, including having the ability to view a trail of vehicle movement. Better still, you can enable anti-theft tracking alerts, system tamper alerts, and you can remote immobilisation shutdown when the vehicle is stationary.

Automated Fleet Management

Your entire fleet is tracked in real-time automatically, making the tedious simple, including Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) logs, managing your fleet will no longer be an onerous task.

Real-time Data Insights

Telematics is live, 24/7, 365 days a week and provides you with mobility data that is simple to understand on hand whenever you need. All your data is available for you through your dedicated client portal. It is highly secure and only available to your nominated employees. Data is hosted in Australia.

Environmental Benefits

Growing concerns from citizens and businesses alike about the impact they make on the environment make running a fleet as environmentally friendly as possible both good social and economic sense. Just by reducing vehicles idling time, you can increase fuel efficiency and reduce your carbon footprint. Harsh braking and accelerating and speeding are also contributors to excess fuel usage and can be easily reduced through driver behaviour improvements, thus reducing your impact on the environment.

Driver Incentive Programs

With 25% of company cars involved in an accident each year and as a result are the most common cause of work-related fatalities, injuries, and lost workdays in Australia, proactively approaching driver safety makes good sense. The Telematics system allows for many proactive initiatives such as driver incentive programs whereby good drivers are rewarded for good driver behaviour. Preventing accidents and workplace injuries is a much better approach then reactively dealing with them.

SOS Tracking and Man Down Pendants

If your employees are working alone, such as high-risk settings like remote healthcare, security services, and on, and you need to know they can be found if something goes wrong, you need SOS. SOS Tracking pinpoints the location via GPS and is powered by 4G. All your employees need to do is push a button, and you can have real-time situational awareness of where they are with a two-way audio option (note: this is an additional feature to Telematics).

Pool Vehicle Scheduling Tools

The online portal provides you with a function to schedule vehicle pooling, making it easy to see which of your vehicles are available and when and ensuring utilisation of unused assets.


In some instances, fleet vehicles and assets need to be restricted to operate in specific areas. With Telematics, you can track and set up alerts for whether or not assets are within a specified geographic area.

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