Sale and Leaseback

A Sale and Leaseback is when you own your fleet, and we buy it off you, providing your business with an immediate cash injection.  Continue to use vital assets without the ownership burden, control resale value risk and enable predictable, consolidated monthly costs.

You lease the fleet back and continue to utilise it, paying a monthly operating lease arrangement. We take the residual risk, and you can choose to consolidate your fleet running costs by including a fleet management package and include the running costs in your monthly lease payments. The capital injection from selling and leasing back the fleet can provide working capital elsewhere in your business whilst continuing to utilise your fleet.

A Sale and leaseback is when we buy back your fleet to give your business an immediate cash injection. If you currently own your fleet, we can buy your vehicles and lease them back to you on a tailored operating lease arrangement where we optimise the financial return to your business, passing over the residual risk to NextFleet.

How does it work?

If you own your fleet, we purchase it outright at market value, providing you with an immediate cash injection, we then lease the fleet back to your business for a predetermined lease period from from 12 – 60 months for passenger vehicles, and up to 84 months for light commercial, trucks and plant equipment. Our process includes a fleet consultation, vehicle inspection and evaluation, independently verified vehicle market valuation and transfer of ownership. Once complete, you receive market value for your fleet, and the vehicle is leased back to you on an agreed monthly rental.

What are the benefits?

  • NextFleet can purchase most vehicles and asset types.
  • Eliminate residual risk as NextFleet takes over the ownership of the vehicles, which means we carry the residual risk at the end of the lease term.
  • Immediate cash injection frees up valuable capital for your business.
  • Independently verified vehicle market value appraisal, so you’re guaranteed a fair price for your fleet.
  • One easy, fixed monthly payment to cover all your fleet expenditure.
  • Going forward you receive competitive fleet discounts on new vehicles through our purchasing power and network of preferred suppliers.
  • The lease can include maintenance costs built into the monthly lease rate or managed maintenance programs at competitive pricing.
  • Outsource your fleet maintenance management to a team of experienced fleet managers.
  • Smooth transition process without impacting your vehicles and drivers.
  • Flexibility in the length of your lease term, between 12 – 60 months for passenger vehicles, and up to 84 months for light commercial, trucks and plant equipment. 

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