End of lease costs

NextFleet can support your business to mitigate or eradicate costs assciated at end of lease

At NextFleet, we put our clients first

We actively work with our clients to mitigate or eradicate costs, when it comes to the end of lease, we help clients keep their costs to a minimum.

We don’t treat end of lease as a profit, costs that often appear at the end of a lease include excess kilometre usage and unfair wear and tear charges.

At the end of the lease, you drop your car off without any surprises.

Manage your in-life fleet costs

We deploy active in-life management, including a no excess kilometre program.

Cost Effective

We know how to avoid costly mistakes, take advantage of our cost-effective repair network.

Leading edge technology

With a simple walk around the vehicle, our AI driven mobile inspection app provides accurate damage report in under a minute.

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