NextFleet launches smartInspect, AI-Powered Mobile Vehicle Inspection App

Posted June 22, 2022

NextFleet launches smartInspect, AI-Powered Mobile Vehicle Inspection App to reduce fleet clients End of Lease pain points and provide visibility on In Life vehicle conditions

Gone are the days of manual and inefficient vehicle inspections as smartInspect, the future of vehicle inspections, has officially launched in Australia. AI-Powered Mobile Vehicle Inspection “smartInspect” is an innovation for the fleet management industry and all NextFleet clients are offered this service as standard. smartInspect simplifies, automates, and produces more accurate vehicle inspection results, allowing anyone utilising the inbuilt camera on their smartphone to pick up any exterior damage and calculate estimated repair costs instantly.

The app is ideal for businesses that performs routine vehicle inspections, such as fleet clients, rental car companies, auction houses, smash repairers, and car dealers, significantly reducing the time and money wasted on performing manual inspections – both in terms of labour and the cost of missed damage. Through utilising the latest in AI technology, an algorithm analyses images instantly and identifies the presence of any damage.

Akira Odagaki

Commenting on the launch of the app was NextFleet – Managing Director, Akira Odagaki

“We put our clients first. When it comes to the end of a lease, we help clients keep their costs to a minimum. We don’t treat the end of lease as a profit, we treat it as a cost to our clients and a pain point.”

Managing Director and Board Member, Akira Odagaki

NextFleet – Strategic Planning Manager, Taisuke Hayashi said: “We came up with the idea of utilising this AI assisted App solution to remove current clients’ pain points at the end of the lease. Generally, clients have minimal visibility on vehicle conditions, damages to their fleet, especially businesses who have large size fleets across the states. Through this technology, we would like to provide clients transparency of In Life vehicle condition/damages, not only at the End of the Lease through a digitised platform. We also identified several other industries that would benefit from the technology, even more so than lease clients, so we will make the app available to all industry types.”

The objective-based assessment enables damage history control and avoids conflict when vehicles are shared. The tool works by simply walking around a vehicle from wherever the user is, and it completes an accurate vehicle damage assessment in one minute.

If you’d like to know more about the app, please visit smartInspect

Taisuke Hayashi

Strategic Planning Manager
Taisuike Hayashi

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